Hi, I'm Johan H. Guzman Gil.

Full Stack JavaScript Developer who knows how to build an entire project from scratch and can lead the developer team


Im a professional web engineer with 4+ years of professional experience as a front-end developer and 3+ years as a back-end developer.

I started my career path 7 years ago right after see the social network movie (facebook), at the same day I created my first web site with html5 and css3, a week later I learned jquery and one month later I learned php and MySQL.

when I not coding or working, I like to see a lot of documentaries about the history or the future, do some coding challenge, learn how to code better and clearly and spend time with my family.

Im currently working with the following technologies: On the front side, I use React.js, Redux, Redux-form, Sass or Scss, styled-components, html5, and CSS.

On the backside, I use Node.js, Express.js, Koa.js, MongoDB, MySQL, Squel.js , JSON web token and Nest.js with typescript On DevOps side, I use AWS, bitbucket pipelines, Docker, Heroku.

Im always open to trying a new technology.

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